Being in the moment and Robin Williams

I cannot believe how long it is since my last blog. So much has happened in the world of ‘Mindfulness Bristol’ with more and more people contacting me for one to one work, courses and talks/sessions in their workplaces.

I see the popularity of Mindfulness growing throughout the world because of our the pressures under which we live – for some people just to get through the day. One person who obviously found it too much to bear was Robin Williams. I recently signed a petition against Fox News’s ludicrous and ignorant criticism of his ‘selfishness’ for taking his own life. Obviously the stupid journalist who made that comment has no real understanding or empathy as regards human suffering and one can feel sorry for that person.

Robin Williams was a very talented and lovable man who suffered greatly for his genious with constant low moods and a search for ways to deal with it. Time and time again I refer people to ‘The Guest House’ and ‘RAIN’ on this site as a way of understanding that ‘this too will pass’. When we are low we think it will last for ever. It cannot. The only 2 truths about life is that we are all going to die and nothing stays the same.

The philosopher Blaise Pascal commented that ‘All man’s troubles come from his inability to sit alone in an empty room’. To do that when depressed would be a massive challenge. For those who, like Robin Williams, suffer from depression an option is to sit, not in an empty room but in nature. To commune with all that is in nature – as my guiding light Akong Rinpoche said to me when I asked what he thought about me studying plant spirit medicine “Well we Tibetans believe that there are spirits in trees, rocks, water, plants, in everything”. Thus so many of us find comfort, succour and groundedness in being in nature.

If experiencing low mood, get out in nature – sit with your back to a big old tree, hear what you hear, see what you see, smell what you smell, taste what you taste, feel how you feel and touch what you are close to. Really be in the moment. After all, this is all we have.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, you funny, extraordinary and beautiful being who found this life too much to bear. There are many of us, I am sure, who wish we could have held you in a loving embrace, to tell you that “This being human is a guesthouse” and to ease your pain.