Buddhist experiences in NYC – Teachings from HH Karmapa & others and my own teachings

The biggest surprise of my visit is the presence of His Holiness the Karmapa in New York. [Read more…]

“Can I pet your dog?” And other NYC stories

I hear variations of ‘can I pet/stroke your dog/pup’ every day. Alfie is very popular here in NYC. [Read more…]

Bowie-mania in NYC!

“I’ve had a sentimental attachment to this city since I was, like, 17” Lafayette station, New York [Read more…]

Alfie and I are back in NYC!

Central, Morningside and Riverside Parks are Alfie’s favourite places to be – although Bob the cat in the local pet store is his obsession.  [Read more…]

Pre-next blog: Jackie’s 12-day October 2017 hop to NYC

April 2018: I am back in NYC with Alfie. Before I post the 1st blog of our present adventures I share some photos & comments from my 12-day trip to my favourite city without my best mate. [Read more…]

Galleries, events, Copacabana & miscellaneous

Alfie and I have enjoyed a lovely 10 weeks in New York. [Read more…]

Beautiful Bay Head New Jersey, appreciating the subway and outside events

Debbie’s brother & wife own a beautiful re-built (following Hurricane Sandy) house in Bay Head. [Read more…]

The Hudson & East rivers & other park events

The Hudson river runs down the West side of Manhattan past Riverside Park. [Read more…]

Teaching at Tibet House & the Tibetan Museum. Party! More plays: Sheridan & Shakespeare again

I was delighted to be able to teach twice whilst in New York [Read more…]

Shakespeare: poetry, prose and the garden – and other parks

They are big on Shakespeare in New York. [Read more…]