First blog post for Mindfulness Bristol

Blog Mindfulness Bristol

Blog Mindfulness Bristol

So ‘Mindfulness Bristol’ has finally come to life, just like this beautiful rose, which, quite aptly, is covered in the rain that we have been ‘enjoying’ in the UK recently. There is no doubt that people’s moods are affected not so much by the presence of the rain, but by the absence of the sun that we expect at this time of year. Because I have Alfie the Wonderdog to walk several times a day I am very aware of the elements.

Now that Mindfulness is a constant companion in my life, I allow myself to be fully present with the drizzle, the squelching ground and the droplets of rain on my clothes. At the same time, I engage mindfully with the accompanying smells, the sight of the birds flying around and the sound of those same birds, as well as the touch of the trees and plants as I walk past. This Mindful walking is a way of allowing yourself to be fully present and live in the here and now.

I will be using this blog as a way of communicating with people who want to know more about Mindfulness and how it can help them. At the same time, I will use it to report the ┬áprogress, and post the growing contents of my book which I am writing in order to help people, mainly women, who are recovering from having been “Narcissized” – in other words, drained by an experience with the modern-day charming vampire – a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Notwithstanding the modern obsession with glamorous vampires (Twilight etc) there really is nothing exciting or romantic about these people!

I am revealing the title of the book today:

Cindy Reller and Prince Harming

Mindful recovery from soul rape

by Jackie Hawken