About Jackie Hawken


jackie-headshotJackie is a Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Mindfulness teacher whose book: “Mindfulness for a Broken Heart: Self-Compassion for Negative Mind-States” is available on Amazon – as a paperback and on Kindle. As well as in Mindfulness, she is trained to Masters level in coaching, psychology, CBT, NLP and many other disciplines. Having worked as a lawyer and medical researcher, she has been bringing Mindfulness to individuals and into the workplace for many years. She also has particular expertise in coaching people (individually and in groups) to deal with stress, depression, low self esteem, bullying and toxic relationships.

As a Buddhist, Jackie has more than thirty years’ personal practice of meditation and Mindfulness. She has delivered Mindfulness training to groups and individuals in a wide range of settings and provides coaching for professionals and support for individuals and teams in the workplace, particularly during periods of change.

Relevant qualifications

  • Post-graduate certificate (Master’s Level) in Education (UWE)
  • Post-graduate certificate/diploma in Mindfulness Compassion Insight & Wisdom (Aberdeen University)
  • Certificate in personal stress management  (The SM Consultancy)
  • Certificate in organisational stress management (The SM Consultancy)
  • CBT (University of the West of England)
  • Life coach (Dip. NCFE)
  • NLP master practitioner (WestOne)
  • Degree in Law (University of Bristol)
  • Law Society Finals – Solicitor (University of the West of England)
  • Degree and Masters in Clinical Psychology (University of Lyon, France)
  • Certificate in Criminology (University of Lyon, France)
  • Certified hypnotherapist (WestOne)
  • TimeLine therapist (WestOne)
  • Certificate – Personal effectivness at work/emotional intelligence (NCFE)
  • Certificate – Level 3 NVQ in business start up (OCR)
  • Certificate –  Counselling & communication skills (University of Bristol)
  • Certificate –  Post traumatic stress (University of Bristol)
  • Certificate –  Management development (Gloucestershire)
  • Certificate –  Mentoring (Gloucestershire)
  • Reflexologist
  • Indian Head Massage Therapist
  • Plant Spirit Medicine Healing