Galleries, events, Copacabana & miscellaneous

Alfie and I have enjoyed a lovely 10 weeks in New York. [Read more…]

Beautiful Bay Head New Jersey, appreciating the subway and outside events

Debbie’s brother & wife own a beautiful re-built (following Hurricane Sandy) house in Bay Head. [Read more…]

The Hudson & East rivers & other park events

The Hudson river runs down the West side of Manhattan past Riverside Park. [Read more…]

Teaching at Tibet House & the Tibetan Museum. Party! More plays: Sheridan & Shakespeare again

I was delighted to be able to teach twice whilst in New York [Read more…]

Shakespeare: poetry, prose and the garden – and other parks

They are big on Shakespeare in New York. [Read more…]

A night at the Opera (incl. Placido Domingo) & other varied musical experiences!

The anticipated highlight of my trip was the 50th anniversary celebration of the New York Metropolitan Opera and it didn’t disappoint! [Read more…]

Easter Parade, Art & Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garcons), The Cloisters

Easter in New York means the Easter Parade

[Read more…]

Return to New York, New York!!

NYC is as captivating as ever, 7 weeks in to our trip. [Read more…]

Final reflections on Jackie & Alfie’s American Adventure

It is 5 months since Alfie the Wonderdog and I returned from the USA002 [Read more…]

The journey home on the Queen Mary

17th May and embarkation on the Queen Mary came all too quickly.001 [Read more…]