Mindfulness Sessions

Sessions can be in the workplace and for groups and individuals – click on ‘Public Mindfulness Workshops’ for the latest news

Mindfulness training in the workplace

Courses and retreats are offered for managers and staff, teaching the basics of this meditation-based approach to resilience, wellbeing and personal effectiveness, rapidly gaining credence with major organisations worldwide. Workers who have experienced burn-out find that Mindfulness helps them to reintegrate into the workplace.

Workshops & Seminars in Mindfulness

These take place regularly in various places in Bristol as well as in institutions, schools, doctors’ surgeries and law firms. They vary in length and frequency. Recent topics have included “Introduction to Mindfulness at work”, “the Mindful workplace”, “The Mindful lawyer”, “The Mindful teacher”, “Leading through Mindfulness in times of change” and “Be a Mindful professional”

Mindfulness for patients and clients

Mindfulness Bristol offers group-work for doctors’ surgeries and individual work for lawyers’ clients.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This therapy combines the tools from CBT and Mindfulness to help people notice when they fall prey to automatic cognitive and behavioural processes. It is particularly good for those suffering from depression and can reduce the relapse of depression in the workplace by 50%

Mindfulness-based stress management

HSE defines stress as: “The reaction people have to excessive demands or pressures, arising when people try to cope with tasks, responsibilities or other types of pressure connected with their jobs, but find difficulty, strain or worry in doing so”

If stress, anxiety or worry is excessive and prolonged, it can lead to mental and physical ill-health. Today, many people feel that life is moving too fast, resulting in difficulty relaxing and switching off. Numerous scientific studies have found Mindfulness to be effective at relieving anxiety. Researchers have found that Mindfulness meditation can lead to the reduction of the number of neurons in the fear-triggering part of our brains

Mindful recovery from the effects of toxic relationships

Disengaging from this type of unhealthy relationship – whether at work or in your personal life – can be upsetting and challenging. Jackie has had experience of these relationships both at work and in her personal life and used Mindfulness tools to fully recover. She works one to one with people trapped by this situation and also facilitates groups, in order to help people affected in this way to learn from one another and discuss their issues in a safe environment. Currently,  this work mainly takes place in New York and Connecticut.