Week 9: 7th to 13th June

This blog is being posted 6 weeks after returning to the UK – It was quite a full-on landing (10 nights at the Glastonbury Festival quickly followed) and life intervened. [Read more…]

Week 8: 31st May to 6 June

Having had a great recommendation from Eve and Catherine, I decided to make the journey to Untermeyer Gardens in Yonkers!




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Week 7: 24th to 30th May

After walking Ellie in Riverside Park I went over to Columbia Campus to kick-start my blog writing: I am so busy enjoying myself in NYC that I find it difficult setting aside time to write.





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Week 6: Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd May

I decided to walk over to the East Side next to the United Nations building to visit Audrey Hepburn’s Garden, to discover there will be a Garden Party on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

She was a very long-time resident of Turtle Bay, an avid gardener and a staunch advocate against enlarging 49th street.

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Week 5: Wednesday 10th to Tuesday 16th May

When you peruse the e mails of what’s on in NYC you can pick up some gems, like the Fotograviska gallery’s exhibition of 50 years of Hip Hop being free for one day with Amazon music donating one dollar for every person who visited the exhibition.


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Week 4: Wednesday 3rd to Tuesday 9th May

Wednesday 3rd May was the 15th Anniversary of my meeting Alfie for the first time in Crickhowell so I marked it with a Facebook Post. I miss him more than ever. One of my favourite photos of him was taken 4 years ago, at the age of 11 in Bayhead, New Jersey, standing in his inimitable majestic style. I do feel blessed that this very special being was my loving and faithful companion for nearly 15 years.



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Week 3: Wednesday 26th April to Tuesday 2nd May

Wednesday morning I set off for “Tavern to go” for a coffee & cookie, feeding crumbs to the birds (American robins and sparrows), [Read more…]

Week 2: Wednesday 19th to Tuesday 25th April

I awoke determined to visit one of my favourite places – Governor’s Island, just 800 yards from the tip of Manhattan. [Read more…]

Week 1: Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th April 2023

It is really hard being back in NYC without my precious Alfie.
Sometimes my heart just aches for him and then the tears flow. There are so many places that hold memories of the times I had with him here. At the same time, he has sent me several signs he is around me, still looking after me

(notably the thunderclap and rainbow with no lightening and a tiny amount of rain in the bluebell wood in the early morning before I left Bristol, after I asked him for a sign). I would give anything to be able to cuddle him again. [Read more…]