Memories of NYC (part 1)

This is the first of 2 retrospective & final blogs from our trip to NYC 10 April to 26 June. This is my apartment building with my bedroom bottom left! 


So many photos, so many good times – and then life intervenes! I am not doing this in chronological order, rather grouping under different themes. 

And the blogs will be heavier on photos than on text, given the time that has elapsed!

Nick, who I met in an art gallery and lives in Philadelphia, came to NYC to hang out and we had a great time walking the entire length of the Hi-Line

The subway is a marvellous place to see life in all its colours – and in particular the musicians, each of whom is different.
It is rare, however, to get on the subway and not have someone suddenly arrive and ask for money. The stories are varied and often painful. New York is not a good place to be poor.
One young woman found a novel way to carry her puppy on the subway 
It is a good place to chat to complete strangers. One guy was waxing lyrical to me about how he loved Toast of London (as I do!).
The mayor is increasing police presence on the subway and when Alfie and I see them, they never ask if he is a Service Dog (the only ones allowed) because he is so perfectly behaved. I love the poetry on the subway.
Then on the platforms and in the trains you find people dressed in original ways. And on the street I saw a guy with musical notes on his socks in a very trendy suit and just had to snap his photo
Above the subway, the streets are full of interesting sculptures, notably a series “In dreams awake” by Kathy Ruttenberg, well known for blending the human form with animal features.  I visited a number of them as they are on Broadway between 64th and 157th streets. I stay at 116th and Broadway.
I also love to visit the gardens of the Cathedral of St John the Divine where there are some lovely sculptures and a beautiful hidden garden.
And talking of gardens, I happened across the community garden at Elizabeth Street – which is under threat of being developed into apartments. Elizabeth Street is in the East Village.

I found the garden after making my way to an art gallery in the village which was holding an exhibition of old Beatles’ photographs, taken in London, not NYC. Very interesting!

Another place in the South of Manhattan that is well worth the visit is the Chelsea Market – full of atmosphere and great places to visit.