Beautiful Bay Head New Jersey, appreciating the subway and outside events

Debbie’s brother & wife own a beautiful re-built (following Hurricane Sandy) house in Bay Head. We went there for a couple of days and  had a brilliant time swimming in the pool, basking in the jacuzzi & playing with the dogs on the beach.



Debbie ordered a limousine from door to door for the hour and a half journey each way.



The house is enormous with 8 bedrooms and a large frontage to the bay.



We were blessed with the weather for the first 2 days but on the third day it was overcast, which didn’t stop us enjoying the pool and the beach.



We had a delicious meal at the local Italian Restaurant ‘Theresa’s South’



I enjoyed the rocket salad with blue cheese, walnuts and pear followed by the salmon with rice and then creme brulee and ginger ice cream – absolutely delish!!



I could have stayed there for a lot longer – it was similar to staying in a luxury spa.



Back in NYC, Alfie and I went to Haagen Dass, just around the corner from the apartment and I let him eat ice-cream for the first time (roasted coconut) and he loved it!



Alfie has been a lovely dog, perfect wherever I took him – very well behaved in the subway.

New York has a lot of art in the subway – there is a great chair in 116th where I catch the train, and at 86th there is some charming mosaic art produced by local students. 



Alfie and I would venture down to mid-town that I like less than the other parts of New York as it is very crowded, noisy and polluted. However, there are some good things happening there. 



At the end of the theatre ‘season’ they have an event called “Stars in the Alley” which is just off 42nd street. I watched some of the theatre acts from the back with Alfie in the shade, chatting to some of the NYPD.



Allison Janney (from the West Wing) was doing some of the introductions.



Alfie and I also met up with Drew a few times. He and his lovely wife Kathy are dog-walkers and trainers.



I took a lovely photo of Drew with his latest cute puppy.



Alfie and I also met up with Drew, Kathy and other dog trainers at the ’79th Street Boat Basin” which is an interesting bar sunk into a roundabout at the Hudson River.



Debbie and Ellie took the subway to Brooklyn with me and Alfie for the Park Slope Fair.



It was great to visit Brooklyn but the Fair was quite challenging with the dogs, so we ended up in Prospect Park for a rest. I loved the houses in Brooklyn.



Alfie and I also visited the East Village and the Lower East Side.



There was a Fair happening and I liked the vibe of East Village.



The Lower East Side felt a bit scary – particularly when Alf and I passed 3 men with 3 really aggressive looking dogs with those horrid spiky collars.


So I ended up chatting to 2 Firemen who told me how to get to the nearest subway.



As the Fire Engine had gone out, I was able to take some great photos of the inside of the Fire Station.


There is always so much to do, and discover, in New York that even being here for 10 weeks I feel I have only scratched the surface!


The next blog will be the last from this trip.



































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