Pre-next blog: Jackie’s 12-day October 2017 hop to NYC

April 2018: I am back in NYC with Alfie. Before I post the 1st blog of our present adventures I share some photos & comments from my 12-day trip to my favourite city without my best mate.

Ah the iconic image of Central Park with the Eldorado on Central Park West in the background. The weather was brilliant – Alfie would have loved it. And I missed him.





The Juilliard School with their free concerts from their brilliant students is a must.

While in the subway, I met a guy going to a superhero convention!

I then met a great guy with his dog.

A picture of Debbie (3rd from left) with some of our mates – a Saturday breakfast.




Times Square – a typical photo of the chaos there whenever they have special events.


I love uptown and downtown, but am honestly not that keen on midtown as it really is noisy and crowded.



The Summer on the Hudson programme was coming to an end. The weather was lovely during my trip so it was good to sit outside



I also discovered the New University, founded by Colin Powell. Their musicians provided the backdrop to this Charlie Chaplin film. A delight.


























A butterfly from the Brooklyn Botanic garden, Ai Wei-Wei’s sculpture in Washington Square park, an interesting bird mural, then a rug made by a soldier from his military clothes at the New York Folk Musician. Then a fascinating-looking guy on the subway. Down in Greenwich village there is a shop full of old-fashioned kitchen stuff and cook books. Paula Perrette – Abby’ from NCIS – has opened a bake shop in midtown.


Next is the lovely Drew – one of New York’s best dog trainers and a gorgeous pup.

I visited the Modigliani exhibition at the Jewish Museum and loved it.






































Filming, filming… so much of it in NYC. The 2 night shots are literally outside my bedroom window. Then I happily stumbled upon ‘Bull’ and the lovely Michael Weatherley. After that, ‘Gotham’ was being filmed near 5th Avenue.

I was invited to teach again at the Tibetan Museum on
Staten Island and was recorded outside in their garden. An opprtunity, when returning, to take some more iconic NYC photos.

They had a lovely ‘open house’ weekend in New York and I visited some of the houses in multiple occupation that had been taken over by squatters who created vegetable gardens on the roofs as well as collaborative art spaces.

New York is so much more than the skyscrapers, yellow cabs and busy streets – it is full of interesting, committed people, often living hand to mouth, who I have the pleasure to meet and talk to whenever I visit.

This is what makes me (and Alfie, usually!) keep coming back.


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