Sixth post from Alfie & me, NYC 2019

The morning of 28 May, Alfie and I went to visit the goats by the tennis courts [Read more…]

Governor’s Island, Bay Head, Metropolitan concert & eating out

Debbie and I finally got to visit Governor’s Island [Read more…]

Alfie and I are back in NYC!

Central, Morningside and Riverside Parks are Alfie’s favourite places to be – although Bob the cat in the local pet store is his obsession.  [Read more…]

The journey home on the Queen Mary

17th May and embarkation on the Queen Mary came all too quickly.001 [Read more…]

Beautiful & remote Wallowa County

Wallowa County is a hidden paradise.233 [Read more…]

Sacramento via Senoma and Napa to Portland OR

Despite not drinking alcohol, I decided to visit vineyards in Senoma and Napa on the way to Sacramento. 190 [Read more…]

Magical Santa Fe & surroundings

We arrived at the Lodge, Santa Fe (founded as a Spanish colony in 1610) on Saturday afternoon146 [Read more…]

New Orleans!

There is light and dark in New Orleans.073 [Read more…]

New York Blizzard! & Abdullah’s story

The snow began falling on New York at 11 p.m. last night.018
[Read more…]

Alfie, Central Park, Music and Picasso

Heard as we walked down Broadway yesterday “I am in love with border collies”024 [Read more…]