Governor’s Island, Bay Head, Metropolitan concert & eating out

Debbie and I finally got to visit Governor’s Island [Read more…]

“Can I pet your dog?” And other NYC stories

I hear variations of ‘can I pet/stroke your dog/pup’ every day. Alfie is very popular here in NYC. [Read more…]

Bowie-mania in NYC!

“I’ve had a sentimental attachment to this city since I was, like, 17” Lafayette station, New York [Read more…]

Teaching at Tibet House & the Tibetan Museum. Party! More plays: Sheridan & Shakespeare again

I was delighted to be able to teach twice whilst in New York [Read more…]

A night at the Opera (incl. Placido Domingo) & other varied musical experiences!

The anticipated highlight of my trip was the 50th anniversary celebration of the New York Metropolitan Opera and it didn’t disappoint! [Read more…]

Return to New York, New York!!

NYC is as captivating as ever, 7 weeks in to our trip. [Read more…]

Woodstock, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra & New York re-entry

Woodstock is a lovely little town, very like Glastonbury, UK.008 [Read more…]

New York Blizzard! & Abdullah’s story

The snow began falling on New York at 11 p.m. last night.018
[Read more…]

Alfie, Central Park, Music and Picasso

Heard as we walked down Broadway yesterday “I am in love with border collies”024 [Read more…]

R.I.P. David

Like everyone else, I awoke to the news that the iconic person that was David Bowie had passed away.033 [Read more…]